About us

„TOBACCHEM ” is a company which specializes in producing and distributing tobacco and electrical cigarette accessories and products. We started our business in 2009, always prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers.

We base our production on materials from every corner of the world, mainly Poland, France, Germany and China.

Having a wide range of machinery we go, step by step, through every stage of production starting from aroma fermentation and finishing on the final product, aromas, glycols, formulas.

Apart from chemicals our main products are machines and devices for tobacco processing.
We offer other products such as: lighters, stuffers, rollers, cigarette cases, cigarillos, snuff, hookahs, hookah charcoals, smoking stones, shisha, and single-use e-cigarettes.

We are one of the leading companies on the Polish market. Our company is recognized in Europe as well.
We take part in many local and international events such as fairs and exhibits.

Our company is constantly gaining new partners and contacts all around the world.
We are open to liaison and eager to engage in any new challenges.

We would like to invite you to cooperate with us.